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30 septembre 2014


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15 mai 2014

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11 mars 2014

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Improving cash starts with working on customer process. Auditing is the first step. It is absolutely necessary to evaluate the situation in order to define the steps to be taken.

Why an audit?

When dealing with customers your are your own master. No one can interfere. All the improvements you will be able to make will have a direct impact on your cash. For example, take a company having a 1 M€ turnover, 10 days of cash represent 33 K€. The stakes are thus very high, especially when the banks lend less and less at short term.

Banks and investors providing cash want to be secure as to your ability to pay it back. They are therefore, very concerned by your internal management and your ability to generate cash. The customer process is thus scrutinized. If you manage it well, it will be easier for them to access to your demands, and they will set-up less stringent conditions (better rates for example).

What is the scope of the audit?

It will cover all the operations from the initial booking to the cashing in. Every step towards the payment is important. The goal is double. It is necessary to secure that the customer's risk is well controlled. It is necessary to speed up every single step so as to gain days or even weeks, which will have a positive impact on company's cash. The audit is carried within the company and will concern every persons linked to the customer process: accounting, invoicing cash collection, sales representatives ....

Audit's format

DAF Evolution has 2 audit's formats:

* The audit flash: It is done on your premises and lasts 1 or 2 days. It aims at performing a quick diagnosis of the strength and weakeness of your company. You are thus in a position to have a first basis to work on the improvement of customer process.

* The full audit: We define together its duration, which can be in between one or two weeks. The goal is to examine all the steps from three different angles: analysis of your financial data, interviews of people concerned by the customer process, random sampling to validate the main process. We aim at performing a deep analysis of your situation so as to establish your strengthes and weaknesses. We draft an action plan to help you improve your cash.

DAF Evolution is at your disposal to answer all your querries.

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