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30 septembre 2014


3ième Université des Entrepreneurs du Val d'Oise

Organisé par la CGPME au Golf de Montgriffon

15 mai 2014

Au théâtre Silvia Monfort

Rencontre des réseaux d'entreprises du Val d'Oise

11 mars 2014

A l'Hôtel d'Agglomération d'Argenteuil Bézons

AG ordinaire et extraordinaire suivi d'un coktail


DAF Evolution provides a CFO working at your offices. He will work to improve your cash and implement all the control tools necessary for your business. Our goal is to enable you to concentrate on your true job (Selling and Production), by creating a secured environement favorable for your developement.

Our main fields of activity are:



Cash is like water. Your company cannot survive very long without it. It is absolutely necessary to optimize it at all times, as this is the only way to guaranty your independance and survival.

Managment of bank relations in particular: renegociation of bank conditions, setting up a trustfull relationship, analysis of bank activities, control of bank rating and renegociation when necessary.

Improvement of the working capital to increase cash : following late customer payments, renegociation with suppliers, stock optimization.

Search for new sources of funding from banks or investors: business plan elaboration, defining the financing strategy, seeking new partners.



Understand quickly and thoroughly your business situation to decide the actions to be undertaken.

DASHBOARD: it must be simple, easy to set, relevant. We use the already existing informations to implement it and we educate your teams so as to assure that il will be effective.

BUDGET: budget allows you to plan for the following year. It includes the balance sheet, the profit and loss and the statement of cash. It is absolutely necessary for you and to communicate with your banks.

CASH FORECASTS: They make it possible to forecast for several weeks your cash intakes and outputs. You are thus able to take the right decisions to avoid or to manage crisis.

ANSWERS TO TENDER: we help you in the preparation of your answer, especially on the financial part.

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