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30 septembre 2014


3ième Université des Entrepreneurs du Val d'Oise

Organisé par la CGPME au Golf de Montgriffon

15 mai 2014

Au théâtre Silvia Monfort

Rencontre des réseaux d'entreprises du Val d'Oise

11 mars 2014

A l'Hôtel d'Agglomération d'Argenteuil Bézons

AG ordinaire et extraordinaire suivi d'un coktail


It is as indispensable as water for life.

Our goal is to make it possible for you to have enough cash for your development.

We work together with you on the two main supplies of cash: internal and external.


It is the cash sleeping within the company. The only one which depends exclusively from you.

Working on that cash allows you to show better financial statements to your external partners (banks and / or investors).

We set up within companies, cash projects with the goal to improve your cash situation.

We study your situation together with you, and from that we implement actions concerning mainly:

  • The forecasts (3 months cash forecast)
  • Customer process audit
  • The organisation, the tools and the management of customer reminders
  • The setting up of customer credit: limits and insurance
  • Types and delays of paiement's
  • Management of customer disputes - how to improve cash through customer satisfaction
  • The supplier relation
  • Inventory management
  • ...


The cash flow created by your business is very often too small to cover all the financial needs of your activities or investments.You need to find other external partners. In France, two out of three times, it is the bank. Obviously there are other investors or type of external funding.

We support you actively in your actions to find cash, especially by:

  • Defining precisely your needs, establishing the best strategy to achieve your goals
  • Preparing and presenting your request to the bank and negociating
  • Factoring: negociating the contract and implementing it
  • Seeking new investors (business plan preparation - finding the right investors - presenting the project)
  • Investors' negociation
  • ...

Our approach is always to consider that internal and external cash are very closely linked. Any business must work on both so as to guaranty its financial security and to reduce the financing costs.

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