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30 septembre 2014


3ième Université des Entrepreneurs du Val d'Oise

Organisé par la CGPME au Golf de Montgriffon

15 mai 2014

Au théâtre Silvia Monfort

Rencontre des réseaux d'entreprises du Val d'Oise

11 mars 2014

A l'Hôtel d'Agglomération d'Argenteuil Bézons

AG ordinaire et extraordinaire suivi d'un coktail


As manager, you are in charge to set the course and to make sure that your company is on the right track.

For that it is absolutely necessary that you have the proper tools which will enable you to decide where to go and follow where you stand.

DAF Evolution provides the method and the know-how to implement those tools.

DAF Evolution teaches you how to use and maintain them.



They are the forecast tools that help you to define with your team the main goals of your company.

It is mainly:

Business Plan: It is often done when the company seeks funds. It is first of all a great tool to define business strategy.

Budget: It must be done every year to establish the roadmap for the following year. It includes the profit and loss, the balance sheet and the cash forecast.



To know where to go, is a must. Keeping on the track is indispensable. It is thus, absolutely necessary to have the tools to know where you stand.

It is mainly:

The Dashboard: It enables you to know each month and very quickly how the business went during the month. It includes only a few meaningful indicators which provide a snap-shot of your company.

Cash Forecast: It allows you to forecast the cash evolution over the next 2 or 3 months. You become aware, in advance, of the forecoming cash difficulties and thus are able to take the steps to get over those problems.


All these tools requiere a proper accounting system, as it constitutes the basis of your information system. The accounting efficiency requires its readiness. DAF Evolution helps you to structure your accounting so that it becomes a very efficient tool.

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