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30 septembre 2014


3ième Université des Entrepreneurs du Val d'Oise

Organisé par la CGPME au Golf de Montgriffon

15 mai 2014

Au théâtre Silvia Monfort

Rencontre des réseaux d'entreprises du Val d'Oise

11 mars 2014

A l'Hôtel d'Agglomération d'Argenteuil Bézons

AG ordinaire et extraordinaire suivi d'un coktail


Michel Pivot

DAF Evolution

Michel Pivot has funded DAF Evolution. He has read law and studied business in France and England. He has worked as Chief Financial Officer for French International Groups both in France and abroad (Italy, Sweden, England...). Since 2008 he has worked as an independent consultant, and has set up DAF Evolution in 2012. His working experience was conducted in international groups, small businesses or start-ups.

This background allows him to understand perfectly all types of environments, whatever the size of the company. His goal is always to find simple solutions, adapted to the business, concrete and easy to implement. He knows how to work in multicultural environments and to be a bridge between cultures.

Fascinated by the world of business and entrepreneurs, he is a member of the network Entreprendre 95. This network’s aim is to support people starting their own business or buying an existing company. The selected people obtain a loan free of interest and are followed up by one of the members during two years..

Whenever necessay he can rely on his network of experts so as to provide a full and comprehensive answer to his customers.

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