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30 septembre 2014


3ième Université des Entrepreneurs du Val d'Oise

Organisé par la CGPME au Golf de Montgriffon

15 mai 2014

Au théâtre Silvia Monfort

Rencontre des réseaux d'entreprises du Val d'Oise

11 mars 2014

A l'Hôtel d'Agglomération d'Argenteuil Bézons

AG ordinaire et extraordinaire suivi d'un coktail


Our goal is to provide to all companies the expertise of a Financial Manager so that they can optimize their management to the same level as their competitors having this internal expertise.

We believe that our mission must be fully adapted to the needs of your business. Thus we work as interim manager,often on a part time basis. A mission can last a few days to some weeks. We can also work on a regular basis (1 to 10 days per month).

We always start our intervention by an audit of you company. We are thus able to define with you the frame of our work. We formalize it in an engagement letter which specifies the scope, the length, the means which will be used by both parties to reach the goals set. It also defines the landmarks and the documents to be remitted at the end of the audit. The fees and payment terms are also specified.

We inform you on a regular basis on the evolution of the mission, and what are the main elements recorded. We proceed in the same way for recurring mission, this is naturally done as we integrate one of your teams.

The mission ends with a meeting within which we explain the main observations and hand over the documents agreed in the engagement letter.

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